Vaping dry flower vs concentrates

There is a lot of information about CBD on the internet with this new fame the compound has had recently, but which method is best for you personally? 

We are going to look at whether consuming the flower of the cannabis plant or taking a concentrated version of the plant is right for you. Here are some simple pros and cons: 

Dry flower – 


  • The plant is complete in compounds which work better together as a whole for the desired effect
  • Easily identifiable, you can view the plant under a microscope to see the quality
  • Generally less expensive than most concentrates 


  • Less easily consumable, must be smoked/vaped/cooked into food
  • Must be stored properly (in an airtight jar) or risk going bad

Concentrates –


  • Easier to consume, oils generally are orally active 
  • Stronger than most flowers 
  • Fast acting if taken sublingually 


  • Generally more expensive 
  • Potential pesticide and chemical contaminants (depending on manufacturer)
  • Generally are incomplete in plant compounds which would work better together when taking dried flowers.

Dry flower

When vaporising dry flowers the plant matter is heated up to a temperature just below its combustion point (200°C/ 392°F) at a temperature of 170°C/ 338°F. Which means instead of breathing in a smoke substance, you are breathing in a vapour. 

Due to the lack of combustion this is somewhere between much less to entirely non carcinogenic (cancer forming). It is also the tastiest way of consuming your weed by activating the terpenes and cannabinoids at the most effective temperatures.


Concentrates aren’t as well known if you’re not already in the cannabis community. There are different types of concentrates which we will go through in this article. 

Wax is a collective name for different types of cannabis concentrates including shatter and oil. This means they have gone through a process of extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant to get a stronger/more potent product.

To consume this new product you will need a certain type of vaporiser or bong/rig. 

Budder – 

This is a form of wax that has the consistency similar to actual butter, hence the name. It is produced by air pressure and purging the cannabis at high temperatures.


This form of wax is, you guessed it, more crumbly! It’s made using a similar technique to budder however instead uses pre-purged CBD oil which has more moisture in it.

Shatter – 

Shatter is a lot harder than the previous forms of wax. It is similar to glass or hard caramel and when broken it can shatter, hence the name. When consuming the shatter in a dab rig or special vape, the shatter will melt into a liquid/oil that is likened to honey.

Live resin – 

Live resin is made differently to the other forms of wax. The others are dried out first before extraction. After harvesting the cannabis you will flash freeze the flower and keep frozen the entire process. This will prevent terpenes and cannabinoids from being lost.

Now with all this information you should be a little more prepared in deciding what the right way of consuming CBD is for you.

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