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The owners and organisers of, as well as the contributors to CBDzine hold no responsibility for the way you use any of the information in, or the products mentioned throughout CBDzine. CBDzine, and any of their associates, also hold no responsibility for any prosecution that the people who read this ezine may become subject to, and the CBDzine team will also expect that any reader of CBDzine will personally take full responsibility for their use of cannabis, CBD, or THC based products subject to any legal restrictions that are enforced within the area they are located, also the reader will be responsible for taking any appropriate care they need to in regards to any health conditions they may suffer from, and for any dietary requirements or restrictions they personally have to live by or suffer from.

Please confirm that you are of the correct legal age in your area to be involved with any of the following; cannabis, CBD, Marijuana, or THC based products whether for medical or recreational use, subject to any legal restrictions that are imposed within the area you are located

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