Formed out a combination of Chem-4 and Tres Dawg. Chem 4 was a seed that appeared after a Grateful Dead tour in 1991, nice to see Grateful Dead still flying the flag for Marijuana. It kicked off when a couple of guys from Colorado hooked up with another Grateful Dead from Massachusetts. One bought the Chem Dog 4, then it got cross bred with with Tres Dawg, which is a Chem Dog exclusive breeding project. By putting together the traits of these flowers, Stardawg was created, a plant that is highly dense, very pungent, and kind of stone like. The classic strain that is Chem Dog, later known as Chem Dawg due to the Top Dawg Seeds, has been loved since the early 1990’s, and has turned into a common ancestor of a number of strains throughout the 2000’s and the 2010’s, we’re sure it will live on as well.

It would seem to have a highly potent smell, with a kind of chemical hint, plus a certain acidic edge, a tone of pine. In a similar way to the rest of this strain’s family it also has a Skunk smell as well.

The flavour is a little unique, it’s a little ambient, something that can have mouth watering effects on a person, that could be the Chem Dawg lineage taking effect there.

Although it might well be a Sativa dominant hybrid, Stardawg seems to have mixed effects, some will tell you that all Chem Dawg strains cause an uplifting reaction, leaving a person feeling motivated, something common in a Sativa, whereas others will claim that the effect in Indica like, leaving a person feeling lethargic, and somewhat Couchlocked. We can only imagine that the THC is rich, and probably tests higher than other strains.

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