Cannabis Sprays

What is cannabis spray?

Sprays are just another way to take your CBD. It’s a preference to those who don’t want to smoke, vape or eat their cannabis. Cannabis sprays can be taken orally, on the skin for it to soak in, or nasally. 

The benefit to a CBD spray is that it is faster acting than edibles, which means the desired effects will be felt sooner. However it is not faster than vaping or smoking, but the effects will last longer. Oral CBD sprays can come in a variety of different flavours which is a fun way to consume your daily CBD.  See more benefits of CBD all over our ezine. 

CBD sprays can be harder to dose. So it’s best to start off with a smaller dose and build up to the desired effect. With typical strengths varying between 300mg, to 2400mg, this applies to the amount of CBD in the product you obtain, therefore making a difference per spray, and generally come in bottles similar to a small throat spray. 

A personal favourite of one of our team;

Prescription cannabis that’s available:


Sativex is the brand name for a cannabis-based drug called nabiximols. As of the 2010’s it is the first and only cannabis treatment in the UK with a licence to treat muscle stiffness and spasms caused by MS. 

With limited amounts being offered through the NHS, you can get Savitex on a private prescription however it is very expensive.

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