The name here stands for “Sativa-Afghani Genetic Equilibrium”, giving the idea that this strain’s plan was to provide that “best of both worlds” effect. People do take that theory on board, as this is a highly popular plant, with some elite varieties being grown, cloned, and passed about. 

Although it is definitely a Hybrid, the Sativa sides definitely shine through. It does have a Haze heavy mother, which is noticeable in the way it looks, and the effects it has.

There seems to be a spicy side to the scent, with a slight Dutch haze style of sweetness that shines through nice and strong, all this depends on the phenotype of that moment. The taste seems to be where it earned its name, with an impressive range of herb and spice-like flavours, even though this taste also offers up some sweet Afghan-heavy phenotypes.

Definitely a Hybrid, starting out with Sativa like effects, all around the face and eyes, also stepping up a person’s heart rate, and possibly confusing thought processes. Not an overwhelming experience, and most users seem to retain a certain amount of mental capability, things seem to slow down. The mind does seem to slow down, partly due to people’s thoughts being dragged in many directions at once, people seem to go with their moments of fancy in that split second. 

It is felt to be a good strain for the creative types, and creative processes, whereas not so good for more detailed work.

Recommended for just having some fun. 

The effects on the body seem to kick in early on, warning the limbs, and providing muscle relaxation at the same time. 

A great strain for daytime, boosting energy, helping a patient deal with physical and mental tension. Overall, a generally functional strain, good for daytime or evening, good for those who want the experience, without the meltdown.

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