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A third type of cannabis, Cannabis Ruderalis, also exists. However, it isn’t as widely used because it usually doesn’t produce any potent effects.

Ruderalis plants adapt to extreme environments, such as Eastern Europe, Himalayan regions of India, Siberia, and Russia. These plants grow quickly, which is ideal for the cold, low-sunlight environments of these places.

The plants are small, bushy plants that rarely grow taller than 12 inches, but they grow rapidly. One can go from seed to harvest in little more than a month.

This strain typically has little THC and higher amounts of CBD, but it may not be enough to produce any effects, because of the low potency, Ruderalis isn’t routinely used for medicinal or recreational purposes.

This cannabis plant produces very few recreational effects, so it can be used at any time.

Cannabis ruderalis is no longer the ugly sister of the species. Shedding its reputation as “ditch weed”. Revealing many alluring attributes to breeders and growers. 21st-century autoflowering cannabis varieties are hybrid combinations of indica, ruderalis and sativa genetics. The game has changed and next generation autos are the reason.

Contemporary autoflowering cannabis strains are a great choice for the beginner grower and for those without the patience for photoperiod flowering times. The beauty of the modern auto is that not only are they photoperiod independent, and therefore don’t require a reduced light cycle to bloom, they are also highly potent these days.

On its own, Ruderalis isn’t a popular cannabis option. However, cannabis farmers may breed Ruderalis with other cannabis types, including Sativa and Indica. The plant’s rapid growth cycle is a positive attribute for producers, so they may want to combine more potent strains with Ruderalis strains to create a more desirable product.

Please be aware that the effects felt from Ruderalis may vary depending on whether they are consumed in conjunction with Tobacco, consumed Pure, or made into Edibles.

Ruderalis Strains

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