Purple Urkle

Straight out of California, a medical grade strain that dates back to the late 1980’s, also known as Purple Urple, and Purple Urkel, it is believed to have come from the Mendo Purps lineage. This strain is a slow growing plant, and seems to almost always turn a deep shade of purple by the time it’s fully grown. Many will choose this strain over other purple strains due to it being known as being more potent, and more full of flavour than others in its family of plants.

The scent offers tones of sweet dark fruit, and hints of incense. While the taste has hints of grape, with sweet edges, and tones of musk.

It’s a relaxing strain, which appears to lift a person’s mood. Not as narcotic and drowsy in its nature as other Purple strains might be. If used in smaller, lighter doses the patient can stay in a reasonably functional state, but in larger doses, it can be very relaxing, to the level that staying awake is no longer an option. 

It is known to be good for basic relaxation, to work as an anti-anxiety drug, assist with appetite, work as a sleep aid, and be effective towards pain relief.

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