Purple Dragon

An interesting strain, it’s missing some of the standard trademark, other than colour and flavour. On the other hand, there is a practically narcotic style effects, but it does leave a person feeling clear and motivated whilst allowing them to experience the medicinal qualities that cause many patients to seek out strains from the purple family.

This strain is a good choice for patients who are seeking pain and tension relief, but without a feeling of being drugged up or lazy, a possible disadvantage with purple strains.

There is a musk like scent to this strain, which has hints of dark fruits. Especially after grinding. The taste seems to offer a touch of cotton candy, with hints of bubblegum.

Purple Dragon has a strong edge of Sativa, possibly more so than other strains in the purple family. There does appear to a sense of being a little buzzy and physically energetic too, although this doesn’t seem to be very long lasting. As the effects begin to weaken, things turn towards more pain relief qualities, without creating any body based effects like physical buzz, warmth, or pulsing. There appears to be little reaction cognitively, except a clear headed ride.

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