Possible Side Effects

Here at CBDzine, we felt it only fair to include the entire story, and, like anything, there is potential side effects and risks, most of the time these side effects come from misuse 

It is more common that cannabis use is associated with potential benefits, but below is some of the potential and unwanted side effects that it can produce. 

These include:


Decreased blood pressure


Dry eyes

Dry mouth

Increased heart rate



(Check out our Mental Health page)

Most of the above effects are associated with THC, not CBD or other cannabinoids. However, any cannabis product can produce side effects.

The method of use may increase your risk for side effects, too.

For example, smoking or vaping cannabis can irritate your lungs and airways. This may lead to coughing and respiratory problems.

Oral cannabis preparations, such as gummies or cookies, are less likely to affect your overall respiratory health.

However, the above effects tend to be felt more slowly and typically aren’t as strong.

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