Pink Pez

A strain that seems to have a low cannabinoid count, but even so, has good strong initial potency which appears to stay with a person for around 1 and half / 2 hours. There is a risk of the being a little too much for some to deal with, especially when it hits it’s full stride around the halfway point. Pink Pez can have heavy effects on the eyes, but the most dodgy thing it can cause is random, surprise sleep.

Probably best for the end of a person’s day, after you’ve done everything you need to do. The experience here leans strongly towards the Indica side of things. 

The scent seems to have a fruity side to things, a bit citrus, with grapefruit edges. There seems to be edges of of cherry, and flowers as well. The taste appears to be a bit unimpressive, although some hints of the scent.

There’s some Sativa like sensations at first with this strain, mostly concentrated around the head area, making it all a bit hard to focus at first. There also seems to be other Sativa like effects, for example, raised heart rate, this only seems like last for about half hour. Pink Pez does seem reasonably sociable in its nature though, in spite of it creating a mild struggle to keep that sociability coherent, best involving good mates with this one. The Couchlock effects are also in danger of knocking a person out, but you could just as equally shake the effects off, and just go about your plans.

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