There is uncertain origins of this strain, and verdicts have been hard to pin down. It seems to have a suspect trim, unimpressive look, and very few in the way of visual trichomes

The experience of it seems to definitely Sativa dominant, with a bit of a Haze style dream like reaction as well. It does seem to offer a certain amount of muscle relaxation, and does seem to cause confusing reactions for most patients. Probably a good replacement for that late afternoon drinking session, giving users the chance to retain mental functionality, but also take a break from their own mind for a few hours.

The scent seems to offer something noticeable, possibly a little sweet as well, and even more notable after grinding. The thick smoke from this strain gives off a flavour that has a fair bit in common with the scent, albeit adding a certain floral edge, with some kind of eucalyptus, and citrus sides. Potential coughing risk.

Phenom offers good reactions within a short time, very much in the Sativa bracket. Some buzzy feelings, and some pressure like effects around the facial area. There seems to be some mental sensations of feeling floaty and disoriented as well. The apparent elevation of mood seems to make up for any negative side effects. As the experience progresses, there does appear to be an average Sativa like comedown which can cause distinctive Couchlock.

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