Unlike filters in cigarettes, for spliffs roaches are the filtration device of choice. The issue with putting filters in joints though, is that filters are designed to keep out all the bad shit (which might be ideal for cigarettes) but in joints the “bad shit”, is the “good shit”.

For those new to rolling and smoking; roaches are a piece of rolled up cardboards used as a tip in the end of a joint

For the most part, any bit of thin cardboard will do, but right now I’m going to explain and explore a few of the options which are easily available.

Train ticket roaches

Train tickets are one of the most widely used sources of roach cards among beginners due to the fact that they’re readily available and at least one person in their friend group will most probably have one. 

Although, after smoking purpose made roach cards I’ve become a bit of a snob. Train tickets I personally would only use as a very last resort.

It’s kind of funny how when starting to smoke train tickets were my go to, but now after becoming more experienced I would only go to them as a last resort. I feel that this is the experience many others have with roach cards.

Making roaches out of train tickets does what it says on the tin. Personally, now train tickets are too thick for my liking as they have limited flexibility compared to other popular roach options.

RAW® roach card

I would recommend to every avid smoker to invest in a packet of these bad boys. RAW® has made a specific, almost like a booklet of roach cards. These are fantastic as they’re pre-cut to the perfect size.

The RAW® branded roach cards are also extremely flexible and allow for a good roll leading to a stronger and better shaped joint as well as keeping a good flow when inhaling the smoke.

A lot of roach cards come with perforated edges in order to fold a ‘M’ shape in the middle allowing a good inhale without the risk of breathing chunks of weed and tobacco into your mouth.

Green Card

Next to RAW® roach cards the “green card” is ideal when you can’t find a roach card anywhere else. It is readily available to anyone with a packet of Rizla®s, regular and long! The green card is always located at the bottom of a packet of Rizla®s. With careful packet surgery it is easy to pull out.

Green card has a similar thickness and flexibility to the RAW® branded roach card. The only problem with green card is that it is hard to judge how much is needed and in order to get one a whole pack of Rizla® is needed therefore making it not economically viable.

All in all, if specifically made roach cards aren’t on hand I would much rather use green card as a roach before using a train ticket.

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