Just a few to get you going, we’re sure to add more as time goes on. There’s no school like the “old skool”.

Papers, aka skins, are without a doubt one of the most important parts of rolling. When it comes to personal preference it depends on how smooth or harsh you like it, how fast or how slow you want it to burn.


A personal favourite of mine is the long blue Rizla®, it is a bit of a classic within the cannabis community. The reason being is that it offers a good consistency and texture to roll with, but still gives you a bit of that throat burn which reminds you of the grade you’re smoking. As well as being good rolling papers they also come with a long green card at the bottom of the packet which is always useful for emergency roach but we’ll cover that in another article.

The Rizla® burns for a good length of time but forever needs relighting and adjusting to make sure that it burns evenly and doesn’t canoe/Elvis (burn evenly). 

Blue Rizla®s give a smooth, medium burn. The thickness of this paper makes it easier to roll with as the paper keeps its shape when rolling; these are great for people learning to roll.


The thing about RAW®‘s is that as soon as you walk into a shop and ask for a packet of RAW®‘s everyone knows what you’re up to (that is if that bag of smelly green stuff in your pocket hasn’t caught their attention already); saying that, no one cares anyway, they just wish that they had some.

RAW®‘s are 100% organic papers made from hemp fibres and hemp gum. The unique watermark on the papers is a crisscross pattern causing them to burn evenly. RAW®‘s are more natural than any other papers as they are not dyed or ‘chalked’ to give the white appearance.

RAW®‘s are much thinner than Blue Rizlas® which enhances the taste and a smoother burn due to inhaling far less paper. The only negative I find from rolling with RAW®‘s is due to how thin they are, I struggle to roll with them, but this negative, like many, becomes better and easier with time and experience. 

RAW®‘s give a slow smooth burn with an untainted taste. The thinness of the papers as well as the ingredients used to make the paper makes them ideal for your more “naturalist” smokers and those with intermediate rolling skills. It would be fair to compare rolling with RAW®‘s similar to rolling with tissue paper.

OCB® blacks

OCB® blacks are a more obscure rolling brand but don’t let this fool you. These papers are so thin they are almost transparent. 

These papers are extremely easy to roll with despite how thin they are. They are made from pure flax as well as an imported Arabic gum. Like the RAW®‘s papers these OCB®’s have a unique watermark in order to ensure an even burn. 

Despite how thin these papers are they do give a slight burn to the back of the throat. These burn so slowly that they do keep needing to be relit every 5 or so minutes, but depending on personal preference this could be an advantage, making a joint which would usually last 10-15 minutes when rolled in other papers could last up to half an hour when rolled in OCB® papers.

Due to the slow burning nature of the papers it makes them ideal for BBQs or any outdoor social events; much like how a fine whiskey would be sipped, not drunk all at once.

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