Apparently an enjoyable strain, one that was formed out of a combination of Citral and ICE

It’s rumoured to have a strong and long lasting Indica style effect, and has the potential of causing Couchlock, albeit an enjoyable Couchlock

The scent seems to have a fairly musky edge to it, with a hint of mango, that’s pre grinding. Post grinding there seems to be an aroma similar to fresh flowers, but without losing that mango hint. The taste seems to be similar to the taste, but with a little less of that fruity hint. There’s a hint of other tropical fruits, and it has a very thick smoke, beware of coughing. 

There does seem to be some Sativa style effects from this hybrid, increased heart rate and others, but this seems to depend on the particular cut you get your hands on. The initial effects seem to last around an hour and a half, with heavy feelings throughout the body, but Papaya seems to allow the mind to still stay active. 

Seemingly great for pain relief, and relaxation of a patient’s muscles. There is also what seems to be an effect from Papaya that gives a feeling of euphoria, allowing people to feel good about themselves. The other nice thing this strain does, is allow people, after its effects began to clear, to regain a sense of clarity, and it seems to leave no long lasting negative side effects such as tiredness, or any others. 

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