Medical Marijuana is beginning to become commonly approved for pain management, this is happening in lots of countries around the globe. 

There does seem to be an amount of uncertainty, prejudice, and controversy surrounding the appropriate use, dose, and role of cannabis based products for the treatment and management of chronic pain.

As far as we can understand, a European collection of experts (EFIC) have looked into a diverse collection of basic clinical disciplines, and have prepared a paper intended to inform specialists, and non specialists who prescribe an appropriate use of medical cannabis for severe pain.

This panel looked into all available writings, and took into account clinical experience and came up with a series of recommendations. 

They suggest that therapy with cannabis should only be dished out by experienced professionals, and they preferred the idea that it be used as an addition to other medications. It seems as though these clinical tests have not provided sufficient evidence to backup the theory that cannabis can be  used as an exclusively as pain relief medication, but just to throw in another CBDzine personal opinion, we do believe it would work, depending on if you can match the strain to the pain.

It has been suggested that there is evidence to say that cannabis‐based medicines may be reasonably considered for chronic neuropathic pain. Although, it was also suggested that for all other chronic pain, ie. cancer, non‐neuropathic noncancer pain, the use of cannabis‐based products should be seen as an individual therapeutic trial.

Patients should be kept under close surveillance, had been other suggestions, probably a fairly sensible one, and this is of course a common thing with any form of medical treatment. 

These studies have shone a light on the subject that all medical professionals of all levels should be investigating the potential importance of, and the appropriate use of, cannabis‐based medicines as, at least, one of the medications they prescribe for pain management. 

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