Outer Space

A stunning looking strain, caused by visible trichomes that appear all over it.

The effects are impressive, highly potent at the start, but they mellow out after a short while, leaving a patient more focused, and functional. Some physical reactions as well, but these seem to appear after a bit of time. Generally, it’s an experience that’s focused on the head. Outer Space seems to be better suited for all things mental, those who need a lift to energy and mood, and for those looking to medicate things related to the eyes.

The scent isn’t anything special, and might not give you something you want to share around lots, it just seems all a bit average. There is hints of cream, vegetables, and cheese. It seems to have a smell that drops away after grinding, which is unusual. The taste is about as unimpressive as the taste, not great, and not bad at the same time, a little citrus, and some of that cream, 

Outer Space seems to offer an experience that’s heavy, and a little overwhelming, this comes from its Sativa side. Sweating of the forehead, a raised heart rate, and a feeling of pressure around the head. Mentally it seems to offer a sense of energy, and some feelings of being spaced out. The initial responses seem to only last for about half hour, that’s probably good, it all does seem a bit strong, and long lasting. Extreme danger of Couchlock here, and can leave a patient feeling drained.

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