Northern Ice

An Indica dominate Hybrid, created from two classic Amsterdam strains, Northern Lights #5, and Ice, although it was bred in Colorado. Both the Mother and the Father of this strain’s lineage are known to be easy to grow as well as being resistant to mould and pests.

It has a flowery scent, with a hint of Skunk, and a little spice. The flavour seems to add some citrus overtones. 

Due to it being a strong plant, it’s good if you’re a first time grower. The effects seem to be relaxing, but offers a Skunk style head reaction. Not potent enough to mess with a person’s day, but best for nighttime medicating, as it does seem to help with sleep. Before crashing out, there is generally a lift to a person’s mood. There is evidence of this strain helping with minor pain, and assisting with dietary problems.

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