A total melting pot of different genetic lineages. This is a Hybrid that’s somewhat unpredictable, maybe that’s where the name came from, cause it’s prone to doing your noggin in. Yes, we know, bad joke, but it might be true.

Its exceptional lineage came from a combination of; Blueberry, crossed with Northern Lights #5, as well as Trainwreck, and even BOGBubble. That’s one messed up family tree.

The scent is hard to pin down, pre grinding it seems to have a forestry edge, post grinding there seems to be a lemon aroma. Flavour wise, there appears to combine sweet lemon, with spicy juniper.

The effects of Noggin are also difficult to pin down, although they are fairly potent. It can be racy at the start, with the various Sativa parts, possible danger of a raised heartbeat, maybe a little perspiration, strong feelings based around the face and eyes. As things start to settle, there’s some visual, and cerebral effects, and can be amazing for creativity. Not recommended for social interaction though, and the cerebral effects might not be good for those who are on either end of the autistic spectrum. There does seem to be a reasonably heavy come down, leaving the patient lethargic, with heavy eyes, and ready to crash out. 

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