My CBD oil experience over Lockdown 2020.

CBD oil has been very helpful for me personally this year. With Covid changing the reality we live in, putting the country and world into Lockdowns. We were all at home for weeks and months at a time having to deal with this new reality. 

I was a fairly heavy cannabis smoker and struggled to get to sleep without smoking. So the first lockdown in April 2020 was an expensive one. With all this free time on my hands I smoked most days and earlier than usual. I’d recently stopped smoking tobacco and was smoking pure weed joints (rolling papers not blunt wrap) and it was wonderful. However with no work to get up for all I did was paint, draw and smoke. It wasn’t a shabby deal but the drawbacks started to creep in….struggling to sleep without smoking was the main one.

 A friend who I’ve tattooed introduced me to a CBD website that sold CBD flowers, oils and loads of other goodies. I decided to go for a bundle of oil, flowers and sweets; I was not disappointed. I’ll speak about the cbd flower and sweets another time but we’ll focus on the oil today.

So I started smoking a little earlier during the evening instead of right before bed. I’d take a pepit of 1000mg CBD oil under my tongue 20 minutes before sleeping and quickly felt the effects. This particular oil tastes like cannabis which is pretty great but you can get a variety of different flavoured oils which also taste amazing.

When taking CBD oil sublingually it will get absorbed faster into the bloodstream. You will notice the effects appear sooner than eating a sweet or another edible, which a lot of the time doesn’t get absorbed fully due to the digestive system. When taking CBD oil sublingually you’ll have full body effects rather than a cream which is more targeted to the area you are rubbing it into. 

So fast forward to December 2020 after taking CBD oil for the last year probably 4-6 nights a week. I couldn’t be more of an advocate. The minimal to non existent side effects and the positive effects i’ve experienced are the reasons I recommend to everyone I know suffering from anything from muscle inflammation to anxiety issues. 

If you are interested in trying out this oil I purchased it from Graded Green’s website here. They have a variety of different dosages for every need.

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