Mother’s Finest

A strain that received high acclaim when it was released to the masses, it seems to have Haze style effects, scent, and taste, but the unknown Indica means it grows well, and gives off an individual bouquet. 

The scent seems to have a slightly menthol edge, with a bit of a forest like hint as well. The taste seems to follow the scent.

Mother’s Finest seems to have cerebral effects, leaning on its Haze lineage. Seemingly uplifting, and not too bad on the mental capabilities. There might be some risk of spacing out, but this might make it good for those who are trying to medicate eye issues. As the Sativa style effects calm down, things seems to get more sedentary, at the same time as uplifting, making things smooth for the ride “back to planet earth”, that or whatever else you like to call normal. 

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