Mother Tink

Tink’s resume intimidates.

A dancer, model and fashion designer, she has rubbed shoulders with big names on the alternative scene for much of her life. She’s rubbed shoulders with the likes of Lords of Acid and Praga Khan, as well as Djs like Ferry Corsten, Terry Mullen, Rex, John Digweed & Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys, she was even in a music video with Snoop Dogg. But the side of her I see is a funny, earthy, animal-momma who has fought autoimmune disorders behind the scenes since she was a child.

As we begin our interview, Tink introduces me to creatures she has rescued over the years: Miracle, a lovely Maltese/Shih-Tzu mix who was found roaming the streets, Big Boy, last surviving kitten of a trio found in a roadside box, and Fizzgig – a remarkably chilled-out pomeranian.

Settling into the interview, Tink begins packing a bowl with some nice, broad-leafed Indica from a dispensary.

Tink:  so I hear a lot of people from England smoke spliffs…

DMJ: Yeah. Overall people enjoy pipes and bongs more, if they try them – even with the same plant its more of a head-tingling kind of hit. People probably smoke spliffs because they last longer, even if they make you tired more.

Tink: I’m allergic to the tobacco smoke, so I can’t do the spliff.

DMJ: It’s one of those cultural habit things – you probably aren’t missing much!

Having read your bio, it looks like you’ve lead a jam-packed life. Maybe you could talk us through your highlights reel?

Tink: In the fashion stuff, my grandma sewed, my mom sewed, so I was taught from when I was three years old. I wanted to be a doctor when I was older, but my health stopped me from doing a full… 12 years of school, and 12 years of college, and residency. I had such health problems that I was partially home-schooled. 

DMJ: So you got started up dancing as well. You did classes when you were a kid?

Tink: Not really a lot. Some ballet. Some jazz. I was a cheerleader, more Girlteam.

DMJ: Cheering on a bunch of guys wasn’t so much your thing, you wanted to do more for yourself. When you got more into the alternative scene, I guess you were sort of a club kid for a while?

Tink: I started going to clubs when I was fourteen years old. At first my parents weren’t okay with it, but then… my mom started going to the clubs with me! When I was young, I used to hang out with older people… and you know how people always preach ‘don’t do drugs’?

DMJ: While they’re doing a line – don’t do drugs kids! They’re too much fun. You’ll get addicted.

Tink: I went out with a brunch of friends, and they were all in the car smoking, and I was like – ‘nonono, I shouldn’t!’ But the windows were up. And I was too young at the time to realise that if the windows are up and everybody else is smoking – you get high too!

DMJ: You were properly hot-boxed for your first time. Nice.

Tink: We went out to see a movie (Wolf – Jack Nicholson). Of course, because I was high out of my mind, it was an even better movie. So I went home – not late or anything, just high – but I didn’t know I was high! And my mom was right there…

DMJ: You must have known something was going on…

Tink: I dunno! The movie was great! Everything was great! And… my mom was like, ‘you’re stoned as hell!’ and I was like, ‘no I’m not! I didn’t smoke any weed!’

So we talked about the car thing and she explained it to me and I was like, ‘aww maaan! They tricked me!’ 

My mom was like, ‘if you want to do something like this again, just come to me’. My mom was always a very understanding, free-thinking kind of parent. She was always, like, ‘I can’t get mad at you unless I’ve tried it!’ So that was kinda fun!

DMJ: So what kind of things did you try your mum on in the end?

Tink: LSD and Ecstasy were the ones she tried in the end. But the Ecstasy she didn’t like because it made her heart race.

As far as weed being medicinal for me… I’ve had a stomach problem my whole life. I had to breastfeed until I was 3 – every time my mom tried to put me on formula, I would start throwing up. Around puberty, I worked with a biochemist, who tried putting me on the amino acid GLA (gamma linolaic acid) that your body uses to process fats. The purest form of it is in breastmilk. I was on four or five medications at once to keep from vomiting… and the pot worked better. I dropped everything on the medication side.

I can smoke like this (a small pipe) which is not much at all. I kinda just space it out throughout the day.

DMJ: Have you experimented with different breeds and strains to see which is the most effective for controlling your condition?

Tink: I usually go for Indicas. I think that’s because I have some anxiety issues.

DMJ: we’ve talked about a lot of heavy stuff. How about recreational use? Do you like to smoke a few bowls and watch a movie?

Tink: Currently sitting on this plush velvet couch is very wonderful to watch Netflix!

DMJ: I kinda miss the days when Netflix was full of shit. You could always get really high and put on some dreadful horror movies and stuff.

Tink: I have noticed that HBO have had some wonderfully dreadful horror movies.

…have you ever seen ‘Meet the Feebles?’

DMJ: Of course!

Tink: The first time I was exposed to that film…

DMJ: Exposed is a good word for that…

Tink: I was tripping on LSD, and I went to my cousin’s near the club, and she had ‘Meet the Feebles’ on.

I walked in and it was the scene where the hippopotamus wife goes into the office and the cat secretary is giving the walrus guy a blowjob under the desk. She just barges in with the machine gun and I’m like, ‘what the fuck am I looking at?’ Of course I’m on LSD, so I’m like, am I really seeing this?’


Tink has also succeeded in creating her own brand, House of Pinions. Trained under The Baroness, and has also become an expert in latex fashion design. For more information about Tink, (click here)

Tink would like to dedicate this interview to the memory of her beloved Miracle.

Miracle RIP

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