Mob Boss

This strain has Tang Tang, and Chem Dawg D in its lineage, making for that’s not as potent as Chem Dawg D, due to the Tang Tang taking the potency down a notch. That’s something that can be good for many patients, those who still want to have productive days. The Chem Dawg D phenotypes here can cause a dose of Couchlock, by that’s generally saved for the latter part of this strain’s experience. The Tang Tang influence tends to leaves a person much more clear minded. Mob Boss seems to take the best of both worlds, but in a milder way, even though the Tang Tang, of the Chem Dawg D can take over here and there. 

It offers a scent that’s nicely citrus, as well as a bit like a fresh vegetable store. The taste seems to go hand in hand with the scent, but also adds an overtone of hash. The smoke it produces is full showmanship expansive, and nice and thick

This is a strain that, on a medical level, seems to be good for muscle relaxation, elevating the mood, stimulating the appetite, and can give a person a boost of energy.

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