Having a Migraine can be a disabling thing, it is a neurovascular disorder with all too few targeted, tolerable and effective treatments.

The use of Marijuana as a treatment of Migraines would appear to be relatively common knowledge. 

There has been studies to see whether it is inhaling cannabis, or whether it is the gender of the flower, or the dose that helps a person’s Migraines. Some studies seemed to have investigated whether it’s a person’s tolerance as well.

Some of the results was obtained via Strainprint LINK https://strainprint.ca/#, a medical cannabis app that allows patients to track symptoms before and after using different strains and doses of cannabis.

Data was analysed from 12,293 sessions, 7,441 of these were used to treat headaches and migraines. It would seem that there were major reductions in the suffering of headaches and Migraines following the use of cannabis

For some reason, Men reported more reductions in suffering than Women. The use of cannabis concentrates was seen to have better results than the flower. Also, there appears to be a connection between a person’s tolerance, and the quality of the effects, ie. the more tolerance a person has, the stronger the dose they needed, but we would assume that was fairly obvious. 

Another factor was that inhaling cannabis, for example, joint or bong, reported reductions in headache and Migraine severity by around 50%. Although, the effectiveness seemed to diminish over time, and patients with repeated symptoms needed larger and larger doses over time, but that, as our personal opinion, would appear to be the same with all medications, and cannabis causes a lot less damage than some other medications. 

Cannabis also has strong anti inflammatory properties, therefore or would seem logical to use cannabis over other anti inflammatory pills, especially as cannabis is a natural product. It might be wise to check out our strains section to see which would be the best for you.

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