Medical vs Recreational

During the 2000’s and 2010’s, there’s been increased demand for Marijuana, especially for medical users. Recreational user, do still make the most of Marijuana, but without any official medical justification. It is becoming more and more obvious that cannabis has countless medical benefits, regardless of how it is consumed, and regardless of the reason it is being taken.

Both medical grade Marijuana, as well as recreational use Marijuana is used by a wide range of people, but there is legislation in place, and this varies depending on where you are. Always worth checking the laws before you indulge. 

With this in mind, we thought it would be useful to try and highlight those differences between medical, and adult use Marijuana

What is Medical/Recreational? . THC vs CBD Levels . Legal issues . Ease of Availability . Quality . Purposes . Shopping . Perks and Benefits

What is medical/Recreational?

With the world starting to accept the use of medical Marijuana, and the understanding that this is a good thing for people, we figured it would be good to try and explain these differences.

THC vs CBD Levels.

The fundamental differences is the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, the main active ingredients in Marijuana

Recreational, also known as, Adult Use Marijuana has a higher THC count, whereas the medical strains have a higher CBD count. Although, there are some medical conditions that seem to require the higher THC levels as well.

If you’re interested in medical grade cannabis, and are looking for that higher CBD count, you won’t need to take cannabis with those higher TCH levels. Both medical grade, and recreational cannabis will have both CBD and THC content, with most conditions, you stand to gain more benefits from a higher CBD count, unless your condition is in need of more THC. Marijuana that contains a higher CBD count, has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and antipsychotic properties, amongst many others. CBD seems to have many other proven, or at least being looked into, effects for ailments like Seizures, Parkinson’s, Migraines, Eating Disorders, Depression, and Sleeping Disorders. 

There’s a few differences that start to occur between medical, and recreational Marijuana. Most of these come down to the legal issues that arise within specific locations. In some parts of this planet, using cannabis recreationally can still involve facing fines, or even imprisonment. This means that some have to take it in secret, almost like the prohibition period of the jazz era. Although, many authorities are beginning to realise the medical benefits that this plant can offer, and this is becoming more widely accepted. Over time, many U.S. states, and a number of countries are starting to legalise CBD products, and some are even starting to legalise THC products, even though patients are finding it difficult to obtain these products. 

Ease of Availability

Due to the stringent laws, people found in possession of recreational cannabis in areas where it is banned can face serious consequences, please check these laws before you participate in any recreational, cannabis activities. It’s also not easy to come by in these places, so please be cautious if you do choose to try and do this. There are places where it is readily available.

Marijuana is much easier to come by in places where it is legal for medical use, these laws seem to change regularly, so still worth double checking. These laws can range from basic Hemp products, to CBD products, and tend to limit the amount of THC per product. With the unfortunate legal restrictions that are still in place in various places, the availability of recreational Marijuana can be very difficult. 


There is indeed a notable difference in the quality of Adult Use, and Medical use cannabis. Both types generally undergo similar growing processes, with differences occurring in cultivation and production. It seems to be all dependent on what the final product is intended for.

Cannabis intended for medical use goes through more stringent, and more controlled processes prior to becoming available to patients. In a number of cases, the plant is grown outdoors, and within very controlled conditions. Whereas, that which is grown for recreational use, can be grown outdoors, or out, and the skills of the growers can vary.

To put it simply, the processes involved in recreational, and medical Marijuana can vary dramatically, some private growers can be more knowledgeable than the professionals. So, it’s best to check all sources prior to purchasing. 


Versatile products are often more of a favourite, due to them having multiple benefits. The comparison between the two are down to personal interpretation, many will make use of recreational marijuana for social engagements, and personal enjoyment. Although, medical cannabis is generally associated with numerous medical benefits. Medical grade cannabis has low THC and high CBD, and can be easily used by the elderly, children, and pets to promote better health.

Adult Use cannabis, in places where it’s legalised, is generally limited to specific age groups. 

Basically, recreational for certain ages, medical for a wider range, when and where it’s appropriate, and apply to specific ailments, and specific people and patients.


A distinctive difference between medical, and recreational cannabis is how and where you can purchase each. When shopping for medical marijuana, patients are sometimes required to produce a personal ID and medical cannabis card. 

These cards show that they’re approved to buy Medical marijuana which is sold in medical clinics, which are highly private, and dispensaries. Stores selling recreational marijuana are not permitted to offer medical advice to their patients. 

Dual licensed stores, and dispensaries also exist, where they cater for both medical, and adult use Marijuana

If you’re looking for marijuana for medical purposes, it’s possible that you would be better off going to one of these dual licensed stores, they often seem to have a deeper knowledge, and seem to be able to answer medical questions just as well as any others. Although, medical Marijuana dispensaries have to undergo strict training and be vetted, they need to attend seminars and acquire certification. 

Perks and Benefits

It all depends on the laws of the particular area, country, or state you are in. Patients intending to use medical marijuana because of health conditions can be entitled to a number of benefits, which are not necessarily available to those looking for purely recreational Marijuana

Some of the perks can cover lower costs, lower taxes, legal access for minors, as well as pets, especially for diagnosed chronic ailments, such as epilepsy and cancer. There will be limitations on the levels of THC, often identified by a specific percentage level, and in some places prescription dependent. Also, medical patients, in certain cases, are permitted to grow and cultivate their own cannabis plants. Those who cultivate specifically for medical

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