Master Kush

Potent on a good level, and used on a medical level for a long time. It may be a bit too restful for the professional patient, but the mental relaxation seems to be something a person can snap themselves out of, leaving them capable and functional. Might well be best served as evening medication, especially if you’re looking to control some aches and pains. There is danger of Couchlock, and sliding into bed earlier than you wanted.

There seems to be a scent of classic Kush, a but of forest, and some citrus overtones. The taste goes along with the scent. 

It seems to start off with a nice warm feeling, but also feeling cheerful and chatty. As things progress, it seems to slide down into a state where the limbs and the core start to feel heavy and warm. Mentality, you may find issues with concentration, so definitely best left until the end of your day.

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