Mango Star

Spawned from a combination of KC Brains Mango, and Sensi Star, and creating a very slightly Indica-dominant Hybrid covered in the Sensi’s signature trichomes, with a nice hint of mango.

The scent is that of ripe mangoes, with a slight acrid hint when cut professionally. The taste isn’t similar to the scent, except from the mango, it adds a smoky hint, with some vegetables as well.

Just as this strain’s lineage would suggest, Mango Star offers a cerebral effect, from its Indica side, that then delivers an extra punch from the Sativa Sensi Star side of things. Mostly during the early stages of things, and can be a little bit too much for some. It does seem to mellow down to something that will leave the patient feeling more and more functional.

Thought of as a generally relaxing meditation, with some strong ocular effects, mild pain relief, and an assistant to sleep issues, especially during the comedown part of the ride.

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