Looking after your Vape

A well kept vape is very important when it comes to dry herb vaporising. You need to maintain your vape to get the smoothest and tastiest experience. The main thing that you’ll need to keep an eye on is its cleanliness e.g. you need to properly clean your chamber out of used cannabis based products. 

If there is leftover herb in the chamber, your new herbs may not be evenly heated and wasted. You’ll also want to make sure the mouthpiece is clean to maximise airflow. The last thing you want is herbs coming through and flying into your mouth!

The best way to find out how to clean your vape is to check the instructions in the box when you bought your vape. 

Convection vape (Portable vaporiser)

Here is a good basic guide to cleaning your convection vape:

  1. Make sure all herb is emptied out of the chamber 
  2. Use brush or a pipe cleaner, (which are sometimes included in the box) to clean the chamber and mouthpiece.
  3. Take a cotton bud and dip in some rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) and wipe down the chamber and tank.
  4. The vape should be left to dry before re-assembling.

Conducive vape (Volcano vaporiser) 

Cleaning a conducive vaporiser is relatively easy. They are usually less fiddly than convection vapes. The herb chamber is the main part of the vape that will need the most attention. Again, most vaporisers will come with instructions on how to clean the specific model you have, but here is a basic routine on how to do it:

  1. First you’ll need to disassemble all the plastic and silicone pieces and soak them in warm water and soap.
  2. Take the remaining metal pieces of the vape and clean them down with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  3. Before reassembling, allow enough time to dry.
  4. The bags – we recommend using a new bag every 2 weeks if used daily. However you can judge when to change it based on the taste, smell and look of the bag. 

We hope this helps you with keeping your vapes so fresh and clean! Thanks for reading! Happy vaping!

Written by Lee Priddy – Cannabis Alternative Journalist.

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