L.A. Confidential

This strain takes the legendary Los Angeles-area Afghani, and combines it with another choice Afghani specimen, DNA Genetics, creating a very potent indica hybrid. The plant has huge dark green fan leaves, is generally disease and mould-resistant, and, assuming it’s looked after well, gives a great yield. The classic sweet and spicy Afghani taste is reminiscent to some of the mother OG Affie.

With a musky and spicy aroma, it recalls its Afghani roots. The flavours seem to be spicy and Hash like with a light sweetness at times that reminds some of pressed Hash

L.A. Confidential has a relaxing and narcotic indica reaction, even in smaller doses, most users seem to find themselves Couchlocked, with a smile on their face, for quite a while.

If used in higher dosages, it can be an express train to sleep, it’s entertaining with the initial potency, but ultimately sedates and leads to deep relaxation.  This is a great strain for true Afghani-lovers, and is much more of an evening/late-night choice for those within the Cannabis Culture.

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