Killer Queen

Definitely a true Hybrid, it was spawned from a combination of an Airborne G-13 mother crossed with Cinderella 99 mixed male pollen (“Evil Pineapple” phenotype).

The scent comes mostly from the Cinderella 99 side of its lineage, and a fruity tropical hint as well. The flavour is heavily influenced by the Cinderella 99 side as well, a little sharpness, an edge of sweetness, hints of a forest, and a little Skunk

Killer Queen has a potent start, which wakes up the senses, then offers an energetic feeling, as well as good cerebral effects. Throughout all, it seems to allow a patient to maintain mental functionality, but not at higher doses. As things begin to settle, the Airborne G-13 side of this Hybrid begins to take over, causing positive physical relaxation.

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