K2 (Colorado)

Even before Grinding, this seems to be a popular strain, reports have even said “connoisseur grade cannabis“.  A very typical Hybrid, with a noticeable Sativa feeling at the start, but this makes way for the Indica sensation towards the end of the ride. Maybe a touch overwhelming at first, with possible feelings of self consciousness. K2 does seem to be a great strain for the middle of the day, especially for those days when you feel like life is just getting on top of you, and those little aches and pains are a bit too much, do be cautious with doses though, especially if you’re an inexperienced patient, too much of this good thing, and it could start to feel a bit uncontrollable.

Reports of the scent have mentioned a sweet smell, a classic sweet shop smell, tones of varying fruits, citrus and otherwise. The taste has hints of a forest, a touch of musk, and an overtone of sweetness. 

The effects can be, obviously, different person to person as much as environment to environment, but generally it starts Sativa, and then makes way for the Indica. The main variation came down to how strong each side of this Hybrid was, and quickly it went from the Sativa effects to the Indica ones.

The early stages of this strains journey seem to start in the eyes, and not in a subtle way, move around the rest of a person’s head, with potential of some ringing in the ears, making it all potentially overwhelming. As the journey begins to chill down, and the Indica sides kick in, there seems to be a slight tiredness, with some mental and physical relaxation.

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