Isaac Haze

Well, someone had to name a strain after the great man himself. This is a fusion strain that seems to take some influence from various continents. It mixes up Giesel (ChemDawg D crossed with Massachusetts Super Skunk) and crosses that with Ace Seeds Bangi Haze (Congo mixed with Nepalese).

This strains phenotypes range across the wide range from it’s lineage. It provides pretty large nugs which seem to have their own unique, greasy resin.

This strain has strong ocular properties and seems to offer a reasonable kick to a person’s energy, and positively. Watch out for those Haze dominant phenotypes which can give feelings of anxiety, some edges of being speedy and a little racy, but the more negative feelings seems to fall away fairly quickly, leaving the experience wide open for an anxiety-free ride, with appetite stimulation, and even anti-nausea properties.

The scent seems to depend on the appropriate phenotype of that particular drag, making it a complex experience. Flavour wise, there’s a similar story, it comes down to the phenotype of that moment. 

The Isaac Haze strain seems to effect the patient fairly fast, often with a buzzing sensation, both mentally and physically. This strain does seem to improve a person’s overall mood, especially early on. Isaac Haze appears to then settle down, and  offer a functional experience which allows the patient to feel at ease, and still be generally active.

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