HulkBerry Autoflowering

Following on from the superhero of a similar name, this strain can hit hard, but, most likely, it won’t hurt at all. There seems to be evidence of it sharing a lineage with the original HulkBerry strain, a highly-potent hybrid of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, on the other side of this strain’s lineage there appears to be, Diesel Automatic, this combination of genetics ended up creating a real powerhouse. On average, it contains 21% THC, meaning it’s probably best for more experienced patients. 

It doesn’t appear to have the effect of knocking a person out, chances are higher that it will raise your mood, and lift your spirits, giving a chance to face the world. 

The scent seems to have an aroma that’s akin to strawberry, spice, and a hint of earthiness. The flavour seems to feel like a blend of fruit sweets, and oak.

From sprouting to harvesting, you’re looking at a mere 8–9 weeks between sprouting and harvest, and flowering won’t take longer than 7 weeks. The height reaches the same indoors, and out, usually around 80–120cm, 31-47 inches. Indoors the yield can make it to 500g / 1.2 pounds per square meter, while outdoor yields can hit around 150g / 1third of a pound per plant.

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