Hindu Kush

A strain that can put a person’s body fairly quickly, and put it into a relaxed state. At first it can have an effect mentally, but this seems to fade away rapidly, leaving a patient clear-headed and functional.

Hindu Kush seems to work for daytime use, while offering an ease of aches and pains.

The scent before grinding seems fairly non descriptive, a little fruity, and a bit of musk. Post grinding there’s an earthy side that seems to come out. Taste wise, it would appear to be unremarkable, but with a hint of sweetness. 

A strain that has quick acting effects at first, with some quickly occurring, fairly surprising body relaxation. Expect a few buzzy reactions as well. There is potential of Couchlock, as well as mood improvement, keeping the experience mild, sedate, and calm. The journey it takes you on seems to last up to an hour, with the physical side of things lasting longer.

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