Hemp Soaps, Shaving, and Suchlike

Soap and Hair Products . Shaving and Beard Treatments . Makeup Remover Pads . Lip Balm . Bath Bombs . Scalp Tonic and Hair Serum . Beard Balm . Perfumes and Aftershaves

(Photo by – Davide Ragusa)

Soap and Hair Products

Hemp soap is a great product, better than a shower gel due to the lack of plastic, and great for deep cleaning, and with the amino acids it makes it great for anyone’s skin, including those who suffer with sensitive skin. A great way to revitalise those luscious locks, there’s Hemp hair pomade, it also provides great relief for dryness and flakiness. The pomade would be great if used following on from using Hemp shampoo and conditioner. 

Shaving and Beard Treatments

Hemp shaving cream is great, moisturising your skin while you shave, doesn’t dry your skin out as much as some other products, there’s even those beneficial amino acids and essential oils. 

Hemp Makeup Remover Pads

Time to stop using all those disposable makeup remover pads and start on some nice natural reusable Hemp based ones, making the whole experience much more eco-friendly, and better for your skin as well.

Hemp Lip Balm

Something for the fight against dry lips, Hemp lip balm is moisturising, eco-friendly, totally natural, vegan friendly, and even gluten free. Consider changing from more traditional lip remedies to hemp ones, to keep your skin healthy and the planet too. 

Hemp Bath Bombs

A stunning addition to any bath, we’ve seen them available in a beachy azure, lavish lavender, and oat milk & honey.

There’s a fair few benefits to a Hemp bath bomb, the main one being that they contain Hemp oil extract, which adds lots of antioxidants, fatty acids, and nutrients to your bath. They are obviously good for your skin, and can have calming/healing effects on sensitive or irritated areas. Many of them contain CBD and we know how good that is for skin, muscles and general wellbeing. 

Hemp Scalp Tonic and Hair Serum 

This will give your hair and your scalp a well deserved spa treatment style makeover, here’s something fun as well. Hemp oil stimulates hair growth, which could be something handy for some of us. Alternatively, Hemp hair serum, containing Hemp seed oil, can make your curls look even better than you hoped, keeping them bouncy and revitalised.

Hemp Beard Balm

A stunning product that can revitalise your beard, making it seem brand new and shiny. 

Hemp Perfumes and Aftershaves

This mixes up cannabis and essential oils to give a wonderfully earthy scent, you won’t end up smelling like you’ve been hot boxing for ages, well, you could with the right scent, and the right activities. What you’ll generally find is that these perfumes and aftershaves make the most out of those sweet and pleasing tones that marijuana has to offer. You’ll also find that the Hemp seeds that are used to create this have extremely low, if not zero, amounts of THC or CBD.

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