Hemp Pet Supplies

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(Photo by Roberto Valdivia)

Hemp For Dogs

There are eco-friendly Hemp dog collars, still hard-wearing enough to train your dog, and the material will feel more comfortable for your furry friend. If your dog likes the collar, why not add a Hemp dog leash, safe, reliable, and strong. Next there’s Hemp rope toys, letting your furry best friend play with something eco-friendly that should outlast most others, available for all sizes of dog, from Chihuahua to Great Dane. There’s Hemp frisbee toys for those times when you exercise your dog in the park.

It seems that you can even buy medicinal hemp oil for dogs as well as for yourselves, seek professional advice when purchasing. 

Hemp for Cats

As much as it works with dogs and people, Hemp oil appears to offer benefits for your cat too, providing feline pain relief. When you begin to understand how good this is for your furry friends, there’s another great option to help your cat’s digestion. Hemp hairball soft chews, helping your cat, and keeping those hairballs under control. How about a Hemp cat collar? Eco-friendly, and often with breakaway buckles, keeping your pet safe. That’s a great collection so far, but there’s more including; Hemp mouse toys and Hemp cat litter that’s flushable and biodegradable.

Hemp Animal Bedding

This stuff is available for any of your pets that you need to make up a bed for, as eco-friendly as any of the other Hemp products, a soft and comfortable feel for your pet, hard-wearing, long-lasting, and highly absorbent.

Hemp Seed Bird Food

Well, it’s good for people, so why not for your feathered friends too? As far as we can tell it seems to be great for all birds, and it gives them a fully natural product with all the health benefits Hemp has to offer. 

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