Hemp Oddities and Misc

Diaper Inserts . Wool . Plastics . Packaging . Guitars

Hemp Diaper Inserts

There’s times when a cloth diaper just won’t cut it, but Hemp has this covered as well, the main advantage here has got to be that breathable material with its super absorbency, as well as the whole soft against the skin feel.

Hemp Wool

Those who enjoy knitting and crochet, there’s even a Hemp option here, generally it comes as a combination of wool and Hemp, as far as we can tell, there’s a higher percentage of Hemp to wool. This makes for a wonderfully soft product, giving the soft and breathable benefits of Hemp, and that familiar feel of wool, making the end result stronger and more durable than just wool. There seems to be evidence that you need to take a bit of extra care on getting the right needle for the right job but it’s definitely worth investigating further.

Hemp Plastics

Might seem a bit of an odd one, but Hemp definitely has this covered, this is a Hemp derivative that offers an eco-friendly, biodegradable option to standard plastic. 

Hemp Packaging

Pretty obvious what this is, a decent substitute for all the packaging that causes waste when it’s made out of plastic, and reduces the tree population when it’s cardboard or paper.

Hemp Guitars

Yeah, we know, an odd one, but you did read that right! Not just a guitar pick, but the whole guitar, we look forward to hearing one, but for now, we can’t tell you much else. 

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