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Hemp Paper

Could this be another answer to reducing that carbon footprint? We know that things tend to be digital these days, but there is still a need for paper, so check out Hemp paper, not a single tree was hurt in the process of making this.

Hemp Pen and Pencil Cases

Either a back-to-school favourite, or something to tidy the office with, but definitely worth investigating, maybe something an artist can make use of as well.

Hemp Laptop Cases and Bags

To tidy up your digital work space, and keep those laptops dry, and many of us know the delight of getting a new laptop case, but how about trying it made from Hemp? Keeps things cool, and is hard-wearing, so less chance of it breaking in your hand. Over the shoulder laptop bags are also available as well.

Hemp Carpets and Rugs

Yes, a real genuine thing, it’s possible to find either complete floor coverings, or just some nice rugs, remember those breathable qualities that Hemp has, and we’re sure it will keep your room fresh, they’ll have a nice feel on bare feet, and be hard-wearing when you have your shoes on. These carpets and rugs are of course available in all colours and weaves. Something else wonderful about this, Hemp floor coverings are 100% hypoallergenic which will be a bonus for those with asthma or who are sensitive to particles in the air.

We mentioned that Hemp carpets and rugs are hard-wearing, but did you know how much? The fibers take between 2 to 3 times longer to deteriorate than better known products. They can be used in wet areas like the kitchen or bathroom, and even outdoors. 

Hemp also has antibacterial properties, so if you dry your rug in the sun, you won’t end up with mould or mildew.

Hemp Wood Finish

A Hemp oil finish for your wooden furniture gives a nice natural feel, and can be used on bare wood, as much as it can be used on paint, or another wood finish. 

Hemp Fabrics

For DIY projects, there’s Hemp fabrics, which can be used for anything you can dream up, from throws, to curtains, to pillow covers, to whatever else you need.

Hemp fabrics have been found in tombs that appear to date back to around 8000 B.C. Then, a few thousand years later, and there’s evidence of Christopher Columbus using hemp for his ship’s sails.

It would also seem that Betsy Ross sewed the first-ever American flag right from hemp. 

Hemp Building Materials

One of the most natural building materials out there, often referred to as “hempcrete”, can be used instead of bricks or concrete. Which means that it is perfectly possible to build an entire house out of Hemp, it can have the appearance of bricks, look like wood, as well as have that concrete look. With that breathability of Hemp, it’s bound to keep any home feeling fresh, and it’s also a lot more hard-wearing and eco-friendly than many “traditional” building materials.

Made from processing the stems of the plant, there’s two different materials created: hurds and fibers. Hurds can be turned into things like roofing tiles, wallboard, fibreboard, insulation, panelling, bricks and more recently, structural timber and building blocks.

Fibers can be used instead of straw for bale wall construction or alternatively can be blended with mud for the natural building technique known as cob/cobb/clom construction.

Some of the advantages that Hemp building materials have over others.

  1. Low embodied energy – doesn’t require much processing in its production, meaning that it is beneficial to the environment.
  1. Carbon storage – Hemp naturally absorbs a huge amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. 
  1. Stunning thermal installation – Hemp is a medium density material, and its low conductivity and a higher thermal mass means it can hold on to warmth. It even regulates thermal performance, making your home an even more comfortable place to be.
  1. Hemp being breathable means it helps to prevent condensation, it even absorbs moisture, and then releases it as and when required, this means it goes a long way to regulating internal humidity, and, if that wasn’t enough, Hemp is also mould-resistant.
  1. Non-flammable – if it’s blended with lime in the construction process, it becomes 100% flame retardant.
  1. Hemp can be grown and harvested all year-round and doesn’t take long to reach full growth, and it doesn’t even need herbicides or chemical pesticides.

Hemp Sofas

The ultimate in eco-friendly furniture, giving a soft feel to relax with and a hard-wearing sofa that won’t need replacing as often as many others.

Hemp Curtains

Hemp curtains could well be a great addition to any home, keeping a fresh feel from a reliable material. 

Hemp Bed Sheets and Blankets

We’ve learned how soft the feel of Hemp can be, so imagine snuggling down at the end of your day with some of the softest sheets you’ve ever encountered. The breathability of Hemp will keep you fresh and the material will make them last longer than better known products. There is also the option to find Hemp blankets, giving you everything the sheets do, and keeping you that little bit warmer at the same time. The sheets and the blankets are both available in a wide range of colours. Don’t just stop at the grown ups beds, these are also available for your little ones as well, meaning they can start with baby blankets and carry on through to adulthood. The hypoallergenic nature of hemp means that those who struggle with synthetic materials should have no issues. 

Hemp Napkins

An addition to any dining room, meaning it’s possible to have Hemp food, on a Hemp tablecloth, while you have a Hemp napkin to wipe away those little mishaps. 

Hemp Straws

These are straws that contain bioplastic from Hemp, this allows them to be strong, hard-wearing, they’ll last you to the end of your drink making them way better than some paper straws, and of course, no trees were harmed in the process.

Hemp Bathroom Essentials

No need for plastic anymore, that’s gotta be at least one plus point in favour of Hemp shower curtains, eco-friendly showering. What about a bath mat to go with it, there are Hemp bath mats out there that are even anti-mildew, gotta make it a must-have. How about a Hemp bath towel as well? Marvellously sustainable items.

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