Hemp Health & Beauty

Lubricant . Toothbrushes and Toothpaste . Essential and Massage Oils . Face Cream and Oil . Nail Polish . Sunscreen

Hemp Lubricant

Yes, it’s exactly what you think, a totally natural product that can help out in the bedroom. 

Hemp Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Well, how about being able to clean those teeth and cause less damage to the planet? Hemp toothbrushes can help with this, some are 100% Hemp, some are less, but for every part that’s made from Hemp, you’re using less plastic, and using a fully biodegradable eco-friendly material instead. 

Hemp toothpaste takes advantage of the oils found in the seeds and flowers of the plant, is a great solution for sensitive teeth, and really assists with oral hygiene and health from natural and ethical products.

Hemp Essential and Massage Oils 

So many people are finding benefit from essential oils, if you’re thinking of jumping on that bandwagon, or you’re already on it, Hemp essential oils can be perfect when you want to pamper yourself, or just make your skin feel that bit better. Of course, it’s a fully natural product, and has a wealth of amino acids and essential oils. There’s also the option of massage oils, not only are they totally natural, they’re also allergen-friendly.

Hemp Face Cream and Oil

It could be time for standard moisturisers and oils to move aside and make way for Hemp products, not only are they a highly effective, after all, there’s all those amino acids and essential oils, they’re also totally natural, and easily absorbed, making them the perfect remedy in the fight against wrinkles.

Hemp Nail Polish

Yep, Hemp gets everywhere, not a lot to tell you about this, other than it’s known to give you an amazing base coat that will keep nails healthy and strong due to the natural oils found in Hemp.

Hemp Sunscreen

You can protect your skin with the power of Hemp sunscreen, it rates very high on the SPF scale making it highly effective, and even gives you those amino acids and essential oils as well.

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