Hemp Footwear

Hemp Shoes . Hemp Socks . Hemp Sandals

(Photo by – Robert Nelson)

Hemp Shoes

Yes, this is a real thing, and not only for hiking boots, there’s plenty of fashion shoes being made as well. Also, footwear for everyday use as well. Shoes that can be used for a date, for putting the world to rights, sport, or anything shoes are made to do.

Hemp Socks

Even socks can be made from Hemp, they tend to be UV-resistant and have breathable material, so will keep your feet fresh, and, if made professionally, don’t usually have the itchy feel that many people believe that Hemp clothing can have. They are of course a great compliment to Hemp shoes as well. Also, if you’re worried about taking your shoes off in a friend’s place, combining Hemp socks with Hemp shoes make for a naturally odor-resistant combination. 

Hemp Sandals

Perfect for lounging around on a beach, or just having a stroll down the shops on a sunny day.

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