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Hemp Seeds

Firstly, yes, they’re organic, they’re also incredibly versatile, packed with Omega-3 and protein, can be added to salads, mixed into smoothies, or simply snacked straight out the packet.

Some evidence we found via the USDA National Nutrient Database, 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds weighing in at around 20 grams, or 0.7 ounces contains:

111 calories

6.31 g of protein

9.75 g of fat

1.73 g of carbohydrates (including 0.8 g of fiber and 0.3 g of sugar)

14 milligrams (mg) of calcium

1.59 mg of iron

140 mg of magnesium

330 mg of phosphorus

240 mg of potassium

1.98 mg of zinc

22 micrograms (mcg) of folate

Hemp seeds also provide vitamin C, some B vitamins, and vitamins A and E.

Maybe the higher fat intake from Hemp could give a person symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea, but Hemp seeds can interact with some medications such as anticoagulants. There’s some evidence that says that Hemp seeds can reduce blood clotting, making it a potential advantage when eaten along with blood-thinner prescriptions.

Hemp Juice

Hemp juice comes from the pressing of industrial Hemp, via a cold-pressing procedure and made from the upper parts of the Hemp plant as well as the leaves. 

The pressing procedure distinguishes Hemp juice from other Hemp products like oil, or milk. The way that the juice is made makes use of a valuable part of the plant which could otherwise be lost and neglected, providing once again that this is a very versatile plant. Once it has been pressed, it can be used as a base for a variety of products in the areas of nutrition, medicine, cosmetics, and beverages. It has a unique full-bodied, flavour enhancing umami type taste which can enhance specific flavours in a number of foods and drinks, particularly in sweet and sour dishes.

Hemp juice contains CBD, giving it potential in a medicinal context, it’s a highly vitamin packed food product with plenty of amino acids, essential oils, and proteins.

Post pressing, there are remnants that can be used to supplement foods, maybe even as a substitute for flour in bread and other wheat based products. 

If you weigh up the incredible advantages from the cultivation of hemp, combined with its outstanding versatility, especially when compared to other crops, Hemp could well be a sustainable food source that may well save our futures and help the agricultural industry. 

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil is something that can turn into a basic staple of any kitchen, some of our recipes recommend it. Hemp seed oil can be used to cook with, as a base for homemade dressings, sauces, and hummus.

There’s even a rumour, although we’ve not found scientific evidence yet, that Hemp seed oil actually lowers cholesterol. 

Hemp Seed Butter

In a similar way to Hemp seed oil, Hemp seed butter can be used in a number of different ways, either just to spread in bread or crackers, or to add to favorite recipes. It’s also a non dairy, environmentally friendly version of butter, making it a win-win on another level. 

Hemp Protein Powder

Quite possibly one of the best vegan protein powders out there, it holds at least nine essential amino acids, it tops up your fibre, contains omega fatty acids, and is one of the easiest things for your body to digest, all in all, that makes it one of the finest additions to any protein shake on the market today.

Hemp Energy Bars and Drinks

Need a boost to your energy, but one that’s not filled with sugar and chemicals? If that’s the case then there’s plenty of Hemp energy drinks on the market, a variety of flavours are also covered, oh, and, do we need to mention again, it’s all natural! Then, if the energy is needed before or after a workout, there’s Hemp energy bars that will keep you going as well.

Hemp Granola

A wonderful snack, or a substantial breakfast, there’s a nice range of Hemp granola out there, packed with protein, amino acids, and essential oils. Hemp granola tends to be nut, wheat, and dairy free as well.

Hemp Milk

Plant based milks are becoming more and more popular, so why not investigate the ultimate plant, Hemp, great texture, highly versatile, amazingly good for you, and works either hot or cold.

(Photo by – Veganphotogtapher)

It’s made from hemp seeds that are then soaked and ground under water. The end result is similar to milk in its appearance, taste, and feel. Compare it to other plant based milks, there’s a theory that Hemp milk is great in a latte, and has a similar texture to cow’s milk. Perfect for vegans, lactose intolerant people, or those who prefer a more eco-friendly alternative to other plant based milks. 

Hemp Cheese

When made from Hemp, cheese becomes preservative-free and 100% natural.

It also doesn’t get as mouldy as regular blue cheese, although there is a distinctive and impressive taste, which also works great in a whole load of recipes. It can be part of any traditional dish that would generally include cheese, such as; pizza, salads, or just to eat with crackers. 

Hemp cheese is much more friendly to your digestive system as well, it is of course dairy free, and hypoallergenic so if you do suffer with dairy intolerance, this could well be a great answer for you. Then, there’s the fact that you’re getting all those vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils, and protein as well. It’s also totally vegan, very eco-friendly, and may well be a lot healthier than standard cheese. 

Hemp Tea

Yes, we know, how much more British could we make this article? With Hemp tea, we would advise that you’re careful on the brand you buy, a good quality one and you’ll get all the health benefits that Hemp has to offer, as well as a great taste, a not so good quality one and it’s just going to be a not so nice tea. There are even caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

A little history:

Hemp tea has been drunk by many cultures for millennia. Due to its countless health benefits, many generations have used it for its medicinal properties, and others use it as part of religious rituals and ceremonies. In more recent years scientists have finally started to notice a massive amount of health benefits associated with Hemp, which, of course, includes Hemp tea as well.

Organic Hemp tea can be created by infusing the buds, flowers, seeds, leaves, stalks and stems and even the roots of the plant with hot water, much in the same way as normal tea.

There’s young Hemp tea, and mature Hemp tea. Young Hemp tea comes from the dried clippings of a young cannabis plant. It tends to be used as a supplement for its vitamin and chlorophyll content, it also has lower CBD than mature tea.

There are plenty of health benefits with young Hemp tea, it is believed to increase red blood cell count, detoxify the body, look after of your hormonal balance, prevent kidney stones, stimulate the immune system, slow down the aging process, help with your gastrointestinal functions, reduce insomnia, help wounds heal better, make bones stronger, assist with oral care, and fight bad breath.

Made in similar ways to the young Hemp tea, mature Hemp tea is made by infusing the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant with hot water. Mature Hemp tea makes use of older plants that generally have much higher CBD content giving you many of the benefits that CBD can offer.

Mature Hemp tea is thought to have a wide range of health benefits, including; helping with nausea symptoms, stimulating appetite, making your gastrointestinal functions better, relieving chronic pain, making your heart healthier, taking care of respiratory problems, controlling seizures, reducing inflammation problems in the pancreas, and even preventing many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis root tea is similar, but does involve a little more work, you’ll need to clean, dry, and grind the root to a powder. Cannabis root tea is available pre prepared as well. It’s not uncommon for people to add anise, cinnamon, or honey to cannabis root tea because it can taste quite bitter. Cannabis root tea is believed to have lots of health benefits as well, including; treatment for postnatal/postpartum haemorrhage, gout, joint problems, fever, bruises, and toothaches. 

Hemp Coffee

For those who do love their caffeine, Hemp coffee is becoming more and more common, basically, it’s part coffee, part Hemp, and of course, why not try it with the Hemp milk?

The health benefits are similar to what’s found in Hemp tea with that added stimulation that caffeine provides. This plant gets more versatile with every part of this article. As you can probably imagine, there are options for both Decaf meaning the combination of CBD and Decaf is potentially very relaxing. And for those who want a proper caffeine boost, CBD infused Regular coffee is also available, which is rumoured to provide an energy boost combined with all the other potential health benefits CBD has to offer.

Hemp Beer

Yes, we know, you thought beer was perfect already, well, we can’t really argue with you there, although, now you can get IPA style beers, seemingly these beers offer a unique combination of a hoppy flavour combined with hemp-like tastes.

Very simply made, the breweries will just incorporate parts of the hemp plant into the flavouring process. Hemp beer isn’t actually brewed straight from Hemp, but it does make use of the natural oils which also enhance the flavour.

Hemp Chocolate

There is of course Hemp chocolate, yes, with the health benefits available from hemp, you can even convince yourselves you’re having healthy chocolate, a great excuse to have some more. In actual fact, the seeds that get used to make this combination of around 72% cocoa, and Hemp seeds, are a good source of protein, and contain unsaturated fats, as well as omega 3.

Just imagine, someone asks why you eat that much chocolate, and you have the perfect excuse. Hemp chocolates are a Hemp infused food, best plan, try for the ones that have the highest Hemp content, that way you can expect all the usual benefits you’d expect from hemp-infused foods.

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