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Hemp Exercise Wear

Something different for your workouts? Seems to make sense to us! The material is highly breathable, so you feel fresh during your exercise routine, tends to be more comfortable than other sports wear, is available in most of the styles and cuts of other fitness wear, and then there’s that eco-friendly side as well, definitely a win-win. 

Hemp for Yoga

We’ll kick off with the obvious. Hemp Yoga Pants, a basic staple of many a wardrobe, and something you’ll probably need for a workout, so why not try having Hemp ones, and make use of that breathable aspect that Hemp fiber has.

What about checking out a Hemp yoga mat, a biodegradable mat that tends to be chemical free, makes good sense, yeah?

What about a Hemp yoga strap, works every bit as well as any other yoga strap, and will most likely outlast the others as well.

There’s more for yoga, Hemp meditation cushions, for that quiet moment after you finish that workout.

Hemp Protein Powder

We’ve mentioned this in the food and drink section as well, but it made sense to also add it here. Whether you are a bodybuilder, just looking to get in shape, or even trying to run a marathon, this is a top quality way to get that much needed protein into your system. It’s possible that this is the best source of protein on the market, this is due a fair few things, not just the incredible source of protein, it’s fully vegan, easy to digest, there’s at least nine amino acids, is a stunning source of essential oils, then it tops up your fibre, and contains omega fatty acids. That is a lot of plus points in favour of this rather than other protein powders which can contain unwanted additives. There is a study that has shown that Hemp protein reduces oxidative stress in hypertensive rats, as well as having anti-fatigue effects in mice.

Hemp Energy Bars and Drinks

Something else we also have in the Food and Drink section that made sense to add here as well. For those times when you feel the need for that energy boost when working out, but find that other energy drinks are filled with sugar and chemicals, there’s an effective option with a Hemp energy drink, there’s a number of different flavours available, and there’s all those natural benefits that Hemp has to offer. There’s also Hemp energy bars on the market for another boost before a workout, or to put some energy back in afterwards. 

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