Hemp Clothing

Underwear . Shorts . T-Shirts . Jackets . Dresses . Rompers . Jeans . Hemp Wrap Skirt . Swim Shorts . Spa Robes . Scarves . Neckties

Hemp Underwear

This is a great idea, the fabric is soft, as well as breathable, keeping your privates nice and fresh, plus they’re long lasting. So, not only are they durable, but they also have antimicrobial properties, which is an agent that kills microorganisms and prevents their growth. They’re also vegan and cruelty free, as many hemp products are. 

Hemp Shorts

A top addition to anyone’s summer wardrobe, they’re made in a variety of styles, many of them are Fair Trade Certified, and don’t forget, there’s the breathable aspect of that Hemp fiber, so you will stay extra cool in a hot climate. 

Hemp T-Shirts

Available in a wide range of styles and colours, and a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, keep in mind that breathable aspect of Hemp fiber, so the lack of pit stains, and any other embarrassing moments can be avoided. 

Hemp Jackets

Hemp Jackets are available from full on smart dress, to casual style, and have the ability to keep a person warm as much as keep them cool.

Hemp Dresses

Not just made in hippie-chick bohemian styles, Hemp dresses are also available in any and every style you can imagine, not as frumpy in their appearance as their reputation once was.

Hemp Rompers

Could this be the ultimate onesie? Made from a material that can keep you warm at the same time as being refreshingly breathable at the same time, allowing for high levels of comfort.

Hemp Jeans

Oh yes, they make hemp jeans, actually, anything you can buy made from denim is available made from Hemp as well. Seeing as these are made from Hemp, they should be longer lasting than basic denim as well as fit your individual body shape better, and of course, there’s the breathability of the fabric making them more comfortable as well.

Hemp Wrap Skirt

A standard piece of holiday clothing, but if made from Hemp, and combined with the flowy style of a wrap skirt, it becomes even more comfortable if you’re taking your vacation in a warm climate.

Hemp Swim Shorts

Not much we can say here, but swimwear made from Hemp seems like a great idea, hard wearing, breathable material, great for the swimming pool, as much as the sea and a warm beach afterwards. 

Hemp Spa Robes

For those who enjoy the luxury of a spa, yes, you can buy spa robes made out of Hemp as well.

Hemp Scarves

A scarf made from Hemp, soft against the skin, a totally natural material, and available in a wide range of styles, and include the type of scarves you might want for either cold days, or warm days.

Hemp Neckties

If you’re in need of that extra bit of class that a tie can offer, 100% Hemp neckties are available, and they don’t just have that hippie image that many people would assume they might. Many of them have a very smooth finish, and can be a lot more comfortable than usual materials.

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