Hemp Accessories

Jewellery . Shopping Bags . Wallets . Backpacks . Sunglasses . Phone Cases . Travel Bags . Belts

Hemp Jewellery 

This makes use of the process of twinning Hemp strands together which is then cultivated and used to create a variety of products. This includes jewellery items, such as; bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches, masks, purses, and other adornments. Sometimes the end results can have other things combined with the Hemp, such as glass, wood, bones, rocks, or gemstones.

Hemp Shopping Bags

We are all aware that the world has too much plastic, supermarkets are charging for carrier bags, so why not put your weekly shopping in the most eco friendly bag ever? If more people made use of a Hemp carrier bag, the reduction of paper and plastic waste would be noticeably reduced, seems illogical that this isn’t a standard solution already! 

Hemp Wallets

Generally they’re made in a sporty style, but that does make them perfect for everyday use, for example on shopping trips you can keep your money and cards in your Hemp wallet and put your shopping in a Hemp carrier bag. 

Hemp Backpacks

For school, going out, or just carrying your everyday essentials, a Hemp backpack would have you covered, not forgetting that breathability of Hemp, if you keep your packed lunch in one, it would most likely stay fresher for longer as well. They’re also harder wearing and durable than the materials that most backpacks are made out of.

Hemp Sunglasses

Even us here at CBDzine can’t figure out how this works, but it’s a genuine thing, and there is a huge range of sunglasses in various styles available. 

Hemp Phone Cases

Made to keep any mobile device safe, and then, add to the mix that lack of plastic, could Hemp phone cases be another step towards saving the planet?

Hemp Travel Bags

Perfect for any of that extra gear you need when going on holiday, or storing climbing gear, or heading off on a camping trip. 

Hemp Belts

Not a lot we can say here, we’re pretty sure you all know what a belt is, the only thing to add is the fact that the material being softer makes it more comfortable than most other belts, and for the vegans out there, it’s not using animal products, and for those looking to save the world, they’re all eco-friendly and sustainable.

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