Hemp Products

It seems that the hipster generation has bought with it a craze for hemp products, quite possibly one of the best things they’ve achieved, but there are many who are unsure what kind of products now exist following on from this rise in the popularity of hemp. Some people are even unsure what hemp actually is.

Hemp aka industrial hemp, is a variety of Cannabis grown from the Sativa strain, specifically for industrial and domestic use. 

It can be made use of in a huge range of products, and is one of the fastest growing plants that this planet has.

(Photo by – Mathew Brodeur)

50,000 years ago there’s evidence of it being spun into usable fibers, and can be turned into a number of commercial items including; rope, paper, textiles, clothing, a biodegradable version of plastic, as well as paint, biofuel, and food for both humans and animals.

Cannabis might be seen as a drug by some, and although hemp is a derivative of Cannabis Sativa, which is known for having high THC/psychoactive content, Hemp has much lower concentrations of THC and might have high content of CBD

From a legal standpoint, it can change dramatically from place to place, state to state, and country to country. Some places just regulate the concentration of THC, others have a blanket legalisation, decriminalisation, or make it totally legal.

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