Visually-striking, with a potent punch, with somewhat trippy effects full of hallucinations and a head-spinning initial reaction. As these effects start to chill a bit, headband seems to be a great mood elevator, at the same time as being relaxing, it also seems to provide mild pain relief. Not a strain for everyone, even a small 0.1g dosage seems to be more than enough to put an experienced user into another mental dimension for at least 2.5 hours, however, if you are looking for a of a rollercoaster ride and enjoy the taste of a Sour Diesel or Kush, this could well be just what you need.

Headband has Chemdog (Chem 91) and Massachussets Super Skunk, and Northern Lights in its lineage.

Originally named Diesel #1 when made on the East Coast by a breeder known as Weasel, it was then nicknamed Underdog, and Daywrecker Diesel, before ending up in California where it was finally given the name Headband by a breeder apparently known as Loompa.

Some of the reported effects are shared experience of auditory hallucinations, and body vibrations coming from sounds and music far more than normal. Some visual hallucinations have been known. It eventually seems to offer a slightly more relaxed experience, with the end for experiences with this strain being clean and energising instead of a more familiar sativa crash.

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