Haze Berry Autoflowering

Part of the lineage of the well known Haze Berry. This strain has roots from its early days in Afghanistan, but it really kicked off when it made it over to the Californian farms. The dense thick nuggets from this bud only have 13% THC. That might seem low for the veteran patients, but for the casual user, it could be ideal.

The terpene profile is impressive. It offers a strong scent and a fruity-sweet aroma that fills the air all around, the flavour is just as sweet, and strong as well. It has a similar old fashioned sweet shop taste and scent that some other strains do.

As you make use of this strain, there is a buzz of energy, something like a coffee, but nothing out of control. 

This strain has a wonderful ability in only 10–11 weeks, giving you plants that can make it to 130cm / 51.181 inches high whether grown indoors, or outdoors, although yields can vary indoors or out, grown indoors, expect a harvest of 350–400g / 0.772-0.882 pounds per square meter, whereas outdoor might give100–150g / 0.22-0.331 pounds per square meter of plant.

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