Grape Ape

The phenotype here seems to be closely related to the Grand Daddy Purple, as well as a few other popular California based strains. Grape Ape is quite possibly one of the most well known and loved strains around. It offers a fairly clear headed, smooth, and reasonably narcotic experience. A seemingly versatile strain, that was spawned from crossing Afghani with Skunk #1, a strain that’s good for daytime medication

The scent seems to be fairly sweet, with hints of musk and incense. The taste mirrors the scent.

The experience of Grape Ape all kicks off strongly, and seems to focus on the face. These early effects seem to last up to half hour, maybe three quarters. After a while it starts to show just how much of a true hybrid it is by lifting a person’s mood, and at the time giving them a sense of relaxation. As time goes on, the Indica side seems to kick in, causing a more sedentary and almost meditative state. Relaxing the muscles, mild pain relief, anti anxiety properties, and assisting with certain dietary problems like appetite loss. This strain seems to be a good choice for those searching a mid level Indica experience.

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