Gorilla Glue Autoflowering

If you happen to have doubts about the strength of strains after they’ve been crossed with Ruderalis, then try this one out. It’s taking the pure potency of Gorilla Glue and crossed it with Ruderalis, and now there’s a strain that has a strong harvest, and some strong effects.

Only 8-9 weeks for this strain to produce a crop, including its super sticky 24%THC buds. 

This is a low profile high performance strain. 60-100cm plants, and loads of resinous buds, just needs a little TLC from who’s the grower. 

It can be somewhat hard and fast hitting, with noticeable cerebral effects, and reasonably fast movement towards Couchlock

The scent is a little bit citrus, a little bit pine, the end result is nicely gooey, and the flavour is a little towards lemon.

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