Good Medicine

A strain that has been spawned from combining Bodhi Seeds in California, a Harlequin female, Appalachian male cross.

The scent seems to be a bit fruity with some musky overtones, and some earthy after tastes. The flavour seems to vaguely emulate the scent, in a somewhat different to other CBD crosses, that are prone to having a taste not much different to hay or hemp, this strain’s lineage lends a good flavour, making this a quality smoke, and makes it especially enjoyable in oil, where it goes towards the sweeter side of things.

Good Medicine has 1:1 CBD to THC, and around 15% THC, making this a good option for those who are seeking a more subdued and relaxing experience. The extended use of this strain, especially if you’re smoking it, really ups the amount of CBD consumed, CBD has been demonstrated to be an amazingly positive medication for such a wide range of ailments. 

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