Golden Goat

This is a very sweet and highly potent strain, it’s a sativa-dominant plant which creates strong cerebral and social effects. It gives a large yield of tangy buds which means it offers an excellent fusion of production and a connoisseur-grade final product.

The strain was initially created in Topeka, Kansas when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated MrDank’s freak Island Sweet Skunk mother, creating this happy accident. The finest plants were named “Golden Goat” after the smell of Golden Goat Recycling machines in the dead of summer, when all the soda syrup smells would mingle with the warm climate.

Its light green and pink coloration recall its Hawaiian sativa side while the aroma calls upon the ISS mother most directly.

The aroma offers a sweet mentholated lemon zest combined with a cherry grenadine smell which is reminiscent of both the ISS and Hawaiian sides of its lineage. The flavour is just like the smell, a kind of mentholated sweet and sour / spicy tropical fruit flavour that lingers on the palate and emits a perfumes like scent to the room with a spicy, incense-heavy Haze-like smoke.

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